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Mental Health Services and Training

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We will help connect you to therapists that are farmers or part of farm families. 

Coming soon: Referral to therapists in your community that have been trained in 'Agriculture Informed Therapy' so that your farming experiences are understood and valued.


We are creating a certified, comprehensive training for therapists in 'Agriculture Informed Therapy'.


We offer psychoeducational workshops on topics designed to help improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for farmers and farm families.

AG Organizations

We have multipronged service packages for agriculture organizations to better meet the mental health needs of their members.


We're a team of experienced psychotherapists and life coaches with lived agriculture experience.

We understand the challenges of farming and the importance of having access to mental health services and supports tailored to farmers, farm families, and veterinarians.

For more than a decade, our team members have been working in the ag industry and advocating for mental health awareness. Although there are several organizations dedicated to promoting farmer mental health support, the current need is greater than the services available.

We hope our passion, dedication and services will increase the knowledge, understanding and supports available in rural communities.

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